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New picture

2011-02-06 21:44:51 by Absolutepressure

Made a new picture

New picture

Back on newgrounds.

2010-11-07 19:24:18 by Absolutepressure

I guess i was never gone. Just i posted one beat and basically stopped for a long time.
I might keep doing beats to get noticed, but i'm mostly a rapper. and i'm not too good at the whole producing thing and i'm looking forward to get better but i'm looking at rapping more than producing. pretty much it..

Back on newgrounds.

hey guys

2010-04-22 15:12:11 by Absolutepressure

hey guys i'm absolute, right now i'm amateur in producing but i'm better in rapping. i'm usually rapping so i'm not always gonna be working on a song. love me or hate me, haters just make me more inspired to be better, and lovers/fans show me someone does like my work.